Daily Tasks

eBodyboarding was a Magento website when I started there. With all the patch headaches and servers specs you needed I was more than happy to migrate to Shopify and never look back.

Once eBodyboarding moved to Shopify i have had to Updated their theme twice. I have taken care of many limitations with Shopify including the latest blog feature on our site. Creating custom pages for any and all occasions. Modifying and updating the navigations and product tags. Maintaining and finding apps we have and need for features that are not native to Shopify. If I cant find an app then I will build the best solution. For example the out of stock script I created to show similar item on an out of stock items pages. Never leaving a sale behind while not causing a 404 error page for google SEO.

Almost every aspect of eBodyboardings web graphics was created by me (The logo was not created by me). I have created Heat transfers for clothing to Bodyboards designed by Jay Reale in Illustrator. Created the AI files that were sent to china for creation while communicating with the factory. I take and edit the photos for most if not all the products. Most brand give me life style images which i use for their brand pages or to highlight a product type that might be in the image.

When I started working for eBodyboarding. They would have a board on their website that was one color and then sell you a different color. I asked for photos and they said no one takes their own photos. Arguably the number one thing when selling online is photos. eBodyboarding argued with me about the need for quality photos of all their products. I created a photo studio big enough to shoot 48" by 22" objects. With photoshop I made them look professional. Since then the photo studio has been removed and the quality of shots has gone down because of it.


Selected the ELLA theme by Halo Themes specifically for managing the over 7K active SKU’s. Implementing of Meta-Fields into the products opened up a new realm of custom attributes for each product. I was able to implement Meta-Fields into the products to open up a new realm of custom attributes for each product. With this I was able to create a custom out of stock feature. This feature fixes two issues. 404 error pages, which occur when an item is out of stock and is removed from Shopify. This is bad for SEO for 2 reasons. First, the 404 is not good for the search engines and second the longevity of the listing needs to be considered. So, we keep the product but list 4 other items similar to that item for the customer to choose.

Coding in Liquid easy and very powerful. This code renders on the server before being displayed which allows you to utilize jQuery. I was able to fully implement this on the swimfins size chart. Maintaining the size chart in multiple places was becoming an issue. So I made a meta-field for each product called Size Chart. The meta-field size chart allowed for the same data to be used in multiple places, enabling faster, more efficient updates.

sortArticleID.sort((a, b) => b - a);

This sort code allowed the organization of Blog post IDs correctly.

Out of Stock

Customized Out of Stock app- With an item identified as out of stock, it is essential to be able to redirect the customer. The new out of stock app maintains the initial product and identifies four other similar products. Keeps the SEO tagging alive, and keeps the customer engaged.


Developed a custom importing file that allowed for creating Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASIN's) as well as the detail from SellerCloud while still utilizing the Browse Tree Guide (BTG). The end product was a perfect Amazon import file that works every time.

Amazon SEO requires accuracy and is a continually changing environment. My experience has allowed me to hone the skills to keep up with the ever-changing environment. Developing the keywords, tags, and phrases well for all the SKU’s.

Created the eBay Store, which has over 4000 products. Each have a custom description with related items. Utilized SellerCloud for the eBay template, coding it to move the data directly on to the page

	<a href="https://www.ebay.com/itm/#?RelatedProducItemID1?#" target="_blank" title="#?RelatedProducTitle1?#"> 
		<img alt="" src="#?RelatedProducImageURL1?#" />
		<p class="Rname">#?RelatedProducTitle1?#</p>
		<p class="Rprice">$#?RelatedProducBuyItNowPrice1?#</p>

Created the Walmart presence for ebodyboarding. Unlike other platforms, Walmart controls where your product lands. Attention to detail and managing the of product information is key in this marketplace.

Custom Scripts


Utilizing Python, I was able to access the excel file exported from SellerCloud. With the data available, an Object that was created for each item and stored in an array. The data is then, exported to an excel file that is ready to be uploaded to SellerCloud

from openpyxl import load_workbook
from openpyxl import Workbook

Once I procured the data. I created an Object for each item and store it an array. Then, export the data in an excel file that was ready to be uploaded to SellerCloud.

Since creating and ASIN on amazon is different than updating information on amazon. Certain requirements must be met. SellerCloud was not able to create new ASIN's for products. So, I took the BTG from Amazon, removed all the columns I did not need for my products. Exported all the data I needed from SellerCloud to fill out the Amazon import file. Merged the two excel files together. The end product was a perfect amazon import file that works every time.


eBodyboarding did a lot of drop shipping of items. This meant we need to be up to date on all the company’s inventories. Most companies in the surf industry are still using fax machines. So, to get them to send over a file that was perfect, was really asking a lot. So, I created a Python script for each company specialized in the way they send over the data. Some send the data in excel files, some send the data in PDF files.


Google SEO

With Google, content must continuously be fresh and always changing to maintain your viewability. Recommending that the in house pros do weekly video updates on a particular category, “Swimfins,” kept ebodyboarding relevant, the videos being quick to add on to the website and other platforms.

Capturing the grammatical differences in language and capitalizing on it, allowed for more noticeability of the site. Understanding how the customer, in the community or new, will type in words, such as body board versus a bodyboard, and swim fin versus swimfin and using it to our advantage.

Amazon Breakdown

Amazon seems like a secret but really, it's how cheap can you sell your soul. Everything about amazon revolves around the items rank per the category. The game is trying to get your listing to the number one spot. You can do FBM, run ads, create A+ Content, set up Prime for your local area and create solid SEO. You can do FBA, run ads, create A+ Content and solid SEO. Package a shipment per Warehouse amazon tells you to send to. This perk allows you to be prime in more than just your local area. These are the main two options you can do. The third option is selling directly to amazon.

When you list an item on amazon you have to think about a few things. you have to think about other people’s items and their prices based off keywords you put in. What kind of demand is there for products like you? Is your price point where it makes it worth wild for you to even be doing this? Once you answer a few of those questions, you might ask how do I get a good rank... Simple.

Sell a product people want and buy and your rank goes down. The more you show up on a page (impression) and don’t sell. The lower your Click Through rate (CTR) and higher your Amazon Rank. That is how the rank works. Now you need to make sure you get see on pages (impressions). This is where the SEO comes into play. Amazon keeps refining their search engines so as of 03/01/2020 they only have 1 Search Term that allows 250 characters. This is the main place where you need to put your keywords to be seen in an order of the most used to the least. You should also use these keywords when writing anything about your item.

Really though, if your product does not sell. Your rank will not lower. amazon customers are cheap and demand everything in less than 2 days for FREE! With amazon taking 15% of the sale and the shipping ranging from 3% to 13% you have to factor in the cost it takes to even sell on amazon. Figure out a good price for your item. See if the profit is even worth the time to list.

Graphic Design

I enjoy designing informational flyers, find a way to get all the content on the page in a way it flows together. Is the art side for me. Some people get overwhelmed looking at the entire project. I group like content and tackle projects in sections. Each section complementing the next. You can see below; the designs are easy to understand and guide your eyes over the top data.

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I always wanted to create products but never really knew the process. Well now i do, and its not as crazy as you would think. Send a few Ai files, get a few samples. Before you know it, you have keychains with a logo you made 2 weeks ago. Finding the factory is the hard part. If you dont plan on traveling there to visit the factories you can always look on alibaba.

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Photo Shoots

The photoshoots were always fun, being out of the office and usually at the beach. Who can complain! With knowledge of the entire process. It's easy for me to see what is needed for the final product to look the best. Also, what kind of composition we need for banners or other type of ads. Getting talent to perform and smile is always a challenge, especially with kids. Beaching at the beach and making it a fun atmosphere is the best way to get everyone relaxed.

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Catalog PDF

Below is a finished product of the 2018/2019 Jr Guard line. The layout was done in illustrator, Photo editing was done in photoshop. All lifestyle photos were taken during our photoshoots. All product shots were taken and edited by me with a cellphone, Galaxy S5.